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The latest short spoken word video from Alternative Tentacles thoughtlord Jello Biafra on current events.
This episode of WHAT WOULD JELLO DO? Jello questions what Donald Trump may or may not believe, and if his actions are indicative of someone who believes in the End Times.

In the latest episode of his spoken word YouTube series, WHAT WOULD JELLO DO? Jello Biafra addresses that in light of recent self-destructive actions by Donald Trump, is it possible that he may be a believer in the End Times? If he does believe in the Rapture, he’s not the only conservative in government that does…

What Would Jello Do? is an informal spoken word video series by Jello Biafra.
Each episode he tackles a variety of political and current topics in a lo-fi format.
So What Would Jello Do? Question EVERYTHING.