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Check out Kerrang! Magazine’s exclusive stream of “Petaluma”, the melancholy new track off of Tsunami Bomb‘s new album, ‘The Spine That Binds’ in stores everywhere on November 8th!


KERRANG! had this to say:
“Petaluma, isn’t your typical pop-punk rager. Instead, Tsunami Bomb go bittersweet this time around, leaning heavily on minor chords and mournful gang vocals during the track’s refrain. The song is in many ways indicative of pop-punk’s growth as a whole; rather than get riled up with irreverent references and inside jokes, the track shows a mature outlook on the commonplace tribulations of the average outcast trying to make their way in our shitty world.”

Oobliette Sparks, keyboardist and vocalist for Tsunami Bomb had this to say:
“Petaluma is about reaching a crossroad, and realizing after choosing your path that no matter how fast you run or how far you go, your past will find a way to catch up to you. How you decide to face it when it does is the only real path to finding absolution.”

Their first album in over 15 years, ‘The Spine That Binds will be in stores everywhere on November 8th, and is available for pre-order in our ONLINE STORE
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