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SURPRISE! Jello Biafra and The Guantanamo School of Medicine has dropped a brand new video teaser for their new song, “TALIBAN USA” off of their upcoming new album, “Tea Party Revenge Porn”!

The video was created by our very own Ani Kyd Wolf, and is one of the first official music videos Jello Biafra has ever done! Follow Ani’s YouTube Channel and check out her site:

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“We’re kinda like Josie & the Pussycats, but with LSD and way more distortion” – Suzi Moon

With a walloping brand of high voltage psyche/stoner/punk & roll that is “Welcome To The Machina, newly forged female super-power trio L.A. Machina are an irresistibly formidable break-out force.Consisting of three notable natural born rockers—the powerhouse singer-guitarist Michelle Balderrama (Brainspoon, Electric Children, The Darts US), equally high impact vocalist-bassist Suzi Moon (Turbulent Hearts, Civet) and high priestess of banging backbeat Rikki Styxx (Death Valley Girls, The Dollyrots, Two Tens, The Darts US)—L.A. Machina brings both gorgeously rendered, highly original songs and a supercharged appeal that’s already gained them significant traction.

The long awaited debut 7″ features L.A. Machina first hit single “Teenage Head” and their brand new single “Go!” This 7″ has no B-side! Pre-orders will also get a set of signed limited edition trading cards with every order! We are also offering a SPECIAL PRE-ORDER BUNDLE that includes the limited silver ink on black shirt design for only $20! 

“Welcome To The Machina” releases in stores everywhere on August 14 and pre-orders will ship out two weeks early. 


Check out a behind the scenes look at the pressing of L.A. Machina‘s new 7″ record, “Welcome To The Machina” with a teaser of their upcoming new single “Go!” – Footage courtesy of Third Man Pressing.



Alternative Tentacles Records presents the latest album by Fish Karma and/or The Derailleurs“The Moving Finger” is the follow up to the 2018’s album “Time To Say Goodbye”. This digital only release is available for download and streaming everywhere TODAY! 

Hailing from Tucson, Arizona, Fish Karma has been releasing music with a biting comedic twist since the 1980s. His latest effort, “The Moving Finger” was recorded in late 2019 and early 2020, and once again features a collaboration with The DeRailleurs who Fish has been playing with since 2017.  The band features Dave Roads (Al Perry and the Cattle) on guitar and synthesizer, Dante Perna (Captain Space Clown) on drums and percussion, Reverend Jim Hartley on bass, and Fish Karma on tambourine (and vocals). The album also features special guest musicians Jim Nyby on saxophone and keyboards, Lindsey McHugh on vocals and piano, and Christopher Munoz on harmonic.

When taken together, the individual songs on “The Moving Finger” tell a story, but we can’t tell you how it ends. Roads and Fish wrote all the songs, except for the ones they didn’t. Fish Karma tells us it’s a “prog rock” album, but The DeRailleurs dispute that claim. You’ll have to decide for yourself and let us know.

Check out the video for It Had 2 B U