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Director Noel Lawrence & The J.X. Williams Archive is proud to present this newly reimagined & rescored title sequence mixed and mastered in Dolby 5.0! Direct from the original master reel of 1972’s “ILL CHASE DELLA MORTE”!

 “ILL CHASE DELLA MORTE” will be heard on SPINDRIFT’s upcoming LP “Classic Soundtracks Vol.3” , due FEB.2022 on Alternative Tentacles Records (Produced by Jello Biafra, Riley Bray & Mastered by Dennis Moody).

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After Clint Eastwood completely conquered and rewrote the entire Western genre, Hollywood made its move on to tough guy cop films like Dirty Harry, Magnum Force, and The Equalizer. Always fully enamored with American cinema, following the now classic Spaghetti Western genre, Italian filmmakers followed suit with the newly energized “Poliziottecschi” genre of cop exploitation, car-chase style films focused on brutal action & tough leading actors. The once wide open orchestral western scores were now replaced with the driving beats of progressive rock & jazzy electro funk influences like that of GOBLIN, LALO SCHIFFRIN, and CURTIS MAYFIELD.


In 1972, infamous Director J.X.Williams had his hand in the Italio-style Poliziotteschi film titled “Ill Chase Della Morte” (“The Chase of Death” as it was to be called in the USA & UK). Combining the futurism of Death Race 2000 while adding in the captivating car chases a la “Bullet” & “Two-Lane Blacktop”, the film promised to be an exercise in motorized psychedelia. To immerse his cast & crew in the visionary aesthetics for his picture, Williams was rumored to have smuggled some “Yellow Sunshine” straight from sunny Hollywood, Californ-I-A. Due to more than a dozen “bum trips” on set, “Ill Chase Della Morte”unfortunately never made it past this wildly experimental & fluorescent title sequence phase before things faded into the all too common oblivious follies of the film industry.


Some 40 years later, after sitting on an ancient studio basement floor at Roma’s Cineccitta Studios, the original negative with the credit sequence was discovered. However, relentless mold and dust had deteriorated the print and the original soundtrack was never recovered. So, when the call came in from Director Noel Lawrence (Sammy – Gate) , J.X. confidante Kirpatrizia Tomas & his “Edizioni Musicali” SPINDRIA answered in action! 

Bøn Apetit! 



Un Film Di J.X. WILLIAMS • Sogetto di PIERPAOLO FUMIA e LUIGI MUSSOLINI • Sceneggia turra di GUIDO MOVA e CRISTALDO GIA • Ssenofrafia e Arredamente LUCIANA PUCCINO • Costumi di MASSIMO BOLONGARO • Montaggio di MERIO MORRA • Musiche di KIRPATRIZIA TOMAS • Edizioni Musicali SPINDRIA LTD. • Dirretore di Produzione NINO Di GIAMBATISTA • Una Produzione GIOVANE CINEMATOGRAPHICA S.A.S. • Organizzatore Generale FRANCISCO CARUSO • Regia di J.X. WILLIAMS

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