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WATER WOMEN (نساء الماء) Song from 2020 album نظم by JUCIFER released 11/7/2020 digitally via Nomadic Fortress Records & as a 2xLP on 11/11/2022 via Alternative Tentacles Records.

“Fans of the band likely know they can expect surprises with each album, as well as recordings which differ drastically at times from their live sound. In this tradition نظم strays far from the brutal excess of a Jucifer show (and of their recent releases Futility and District of Dystopia) but, as with all Jucifer’s recordings, the point is not to imply any static trait of the band but instead to bring to life a story they’re telling. ‘Nazm’ (نظم) sees Jucifer deploy their familiar studio tactic: writing, arranging, producing, engineering, and playing all instruments themselves to create a sprawling concept album. This time, it’s to celebrate their shared love for MENA and central/south/west Asian traditional and pop music cultures with fourteen highly textured, intensely personal and passionately delivered original songs.”

Water Women
قدم الذهاب غير محظورحيث نعبر نحتعند أقدام أمهاتناوأمهات أمهاتهمنحمل بخفةالطريق لا نهاية لهحدودكنحن لا نتظاهرنحن لا ندعي

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