The Crucifucks career has been anything but boring. From the beginning, the Crucifucks endured, like many bands, a revolving-door membership. Formed in Lansing, Michigan in 1982, the only constant in the Crucifucks was lyricist and mouthpiece, Doc Corbin Dart. The original guitarist, who played on the first two albums, Gus Varner, is retired and living in New York City while original drummer, Steve Shelley, went on to an illustrious career in Sonic Youth, as well as keeping busy performing with other musicians and running his Smells Like Records label. Doc says the Crucifucks never “officially” broke up but rather drifted apart due to various “problems.” Thankfully, the self-titled Crucifucks and Wisconsin releases stand as documentation of those creative and volatile beginnings.

Doc Dart went on to record two solo projects, Patricia (1990, Alternative Tentacles, LP/CS only), and the CS-only self-released, Black Tuesday, in ’91. In response to “consumer demand,” A.T. re-issued on the first two Crucifucks releases on CD. Entitled, Our Will Be Done, the compilation features seemingly innocuous (and now almost ubiquitous) back cover-art picturing a gunned-down policeman. Who could have predicted this would set off a flurry of controversy over five years later (more on that in a second)?!Eventually Doc found it necessary to enlist the talents of three Lansing musicians and formed a new project, The L.D. Eye. As time went by, the band evolved and Doc’s songwriting became more “topical… with an eloquence that transcended the old Crucifucks, yet so full of rage only the infamous name seemed to fit,” states Doc. Thus, the Crucifucks return!

The third Crucifucks release, L.D. Eye, was recorded at Smart Studios in Madison, WI. Doc enthusiastically announces that this release “charts creative waters far beyond what was possible in the 1980s.”

The Crucifucks surprised everyone by re-forming in 1998 and driving out to San Francisco to perform at AT’s 20 year anniversary party at the Great American Music Hall.


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