What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object? What happens when the most controversial Punk Rock vocalist/activist on earth teams up with the heaviest band of our time? What happens when Jello Biafra and the Melvins put their collective heads together and do an album?

“Never Breathe What you Can’t See” is what happens- that is to say a musical monster of massive proportions is born, bristling with Jello’s manic energy and anchored by the sheer heft of the Melvins’ collective heaviness. With both camps flexing their musical prowess, the result is something that retains the signature qualities of both artists and yet sounds refreshingly unlike anything that either has recorded in the past!

Jello Biafra‘s punk rock pedigree is beyond reproach, beginning in the late 70s as the brains behind Dead Kennedys, and later as head of the 25-year-old Alternative Tentacles records, continuing through his 7 albums of spoken word, and his many collaborations with DOA, Nomeansno, Ministry (in Lard), Mojo Nixon and many others throughout his prolific career.

The Melvins career stretches nearly as long, spanning 20 years of some of the heaviest rock and most confusing bassist changes in the history of music. Travelling through the years from Washington to San Francisco to Los Angeles, the Melvins remain one of the most prolific, confounding and engaging hard rock bands of our time.

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