So. Cal’s lowridin’, Garage rockin’, LOS INFERNOS, are at it again! Straight outta Riverside and twice as hot comes the band’s sophomore full-length release, the aptly titled, Rock and Roll Nightmare. Known for their crazy live shows and quirky brand of greaser rock, the INFERNOS have stepped it up a notch by enlisting the production skills of Michael Rosen (Rancid, Less than Jake, Union 13). The result – a whole lotta grease and even more rockpower!

The infernal madness began circa 1994 in the Inland Empire, a glorious spot between the Mojave desert and Los Angeles, known for its bounty of smog, date palms, and meth labs. In 1996, LOS INFERNOS charged forth with their debut album “Planet K.A.O.S” and a whole lot of chaos ensued. The band boasts a list of previous drummers rivaling Spinal Tap. Nonetheless, the INFERNOS have remained married to the road- criss-crossing the country, leaving audiences in flames. On tours with REV. HORTON HEATSUPERSUCKERSTENDERLOIN, and AGENT ORANGE (to name a few), LOS INFERNOS gained nationwide critical acclaim. After witnessing a scorching performance in Denver, Jello Biafra rushed to release The Outlaw 7″ on Alternative Tentacles in April ’99- and the rest is history.

Check out their awesomely tuneful LP/CD “Rock and Roll Nightmare” out now on Alternative Tentacles!

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