Los Olvidados were one of those legendary punk bands that everyone agreed would put their town on the map- San Jose in Los Olvidados’ case! They followed in the footsteps of many great bands by breaking up before releasing a full-length, leaving studio tapes and a few key, mind-blowing compilation tracks as their legacy of radness for future generations of skaters.

Los Olvidados shambled out of the early 80s punk/skate scene of San Jose, the huge city which anchors the bottom part of the San Francisco Bay and is home to most of Silicon Valley. With Mike Voss (Vocals/Guitar), Ray Stevens II (Bass), Mike Fox (Guitar), and Matt Etheridge (Drums), Los Olvidados had the talent and the song-writing to blaze their way across the mid-80s skate punk scene. Slightly more political than some of their skate rock contemporaries, Los Olvidados kicked musical ass while making a point.

Los Olvidados has songs on Thrasher SkateRock Volume 1 “SkateRock”, Thrasher SkateRock Volume 2 “Blazing wheels and Barking Trucks”, Alternative Tentacles / Maximum Rock and Roll release “Not So Quiet On The Western Front” and on the Alternative Tentacles Los Olvidados release “Listen To This!”

All of the members have gone on to multiple bands, multiple albums, and multiple world tours- but Los Olvidados is where they started on their road to radness!