Alternative Tentacles is proud to present the first-ever complete, three volume, reissue of Texas Punk legends, REALLY RED. None of their catalog has been available for years’s some not for decades!

REALLY RED was the backbone of Houston’s underground from the early punk era clear through 80’s hardcore. Like The Dicks in Austin, they directly challenged an insanely violent policed department at no small risk to their own lives. Their sound itself had more art and post-punk elements then most, with a musical and lyrical depth on par with bands like Mission of Burma, Wire, or Dead Kennedys. Singer Ronnie Bond (U-Ron Bondage) was never afraid to push intelligence or mess with Texas in general. Kelly Younger’s guitar style is as unique in it’s own way as the Gang of Four. Couple that with Bob Weber’s taut, precise, and sometimes unorthodox drum patterns that would not be heard again until John Wright of No Means No. It’s all anchored pumping elastic bass of John Paul Williams.

As one of the original first-generation Texas punk bands they built on the punk genre bringing all kinds of influences to bear, including the influences of Texas psychedelic stalwarts like the 13th Floor Elevators and the Red Crayola.

Like Austin legends, The Dicks, they made something specifically Texan out of punk rock. Their progressive socially conscious politics boldly flaunted the Lone Star mainstream. The result was inventive, multifaceted, and powerful. They left behind memories of countless passionate, high-energy shows, and a legacy of classic recordings.

Along with a few other groundbreaking local bands, they helped kick-start the early punk scene in Houston and spread their message further by taking to the road touring the USA several times and playing some dates in Canada. They often shared the bill with other such pioneering acts as D.O.A., The Dicks, Circle Jerks, The Offenders, 999, The Lewd, Articles of Faith, Mydolls, SPK, John Cale, Negative Approach, Sado Nation, MDC, Vex, Culturcide, The Bad Brains, The Stranglers, The Effigies, The Big Boys and The Dead Kennedys among many others.

In Houston, their efforts helped make the local scene explode and created a sense of community like no other local band had done previously or since. Among their other accomplishments, Really Red were the first Texas punk band to tour extensively outside of Texas. They were the only Texas punk band to be included on the first nationally distributed compilation album of North American punk and alternative music. They were also the first Texas punk band to release a nationally distributed full length album.

Really Red is:
Ronald “U-Ron” Bond – Vocals/lyrics
Kelly Younger – Guitar
Robert Weber – Drums
John Paul Williams – Bass guitar