Before CDs existed and punk moved to the malls, four musicians and performers of disparate backgrounds and influences banded together in 1984 in Morgantown, West Virginia, to form Th’ INBRED, a name suggested by the lead singer’s old roommate, Many hardcore bands drew on regional/local idiosyncracies to form their sounds and identities, and so Dave, the old roommate, suggested that there should be a band from West Virginia that featured a banjo, called Th’ Inbred. Although the banjo never made it to the stage or to the group, the name did, and from there, the band went on to deliver its distinctive combination of situationist theory and odd time signatures to hardcore fans across the United States. They performed with virtually every major hardcore act the era had to offer, including the Dead Kennedys, Circle Jerks, Butthole Surfers, MDC, and Corrosion of Conformity. They toured with Raw Power, DRI, and the Rhythm Pigs, and released three records: the 7″ ‘Reproduction’ EP, and the albums ‘Family Affair’ and ‘Kissin Cousins’, all of which, along with rare and unreleased material, are contained on the new anthology, Legacy of Fertility. They dis-banded in 1988.@rt Reco September 2009

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