Pioneering the sound best summed up as “maximum Rock ‘n Soul”, The Bellrays have been honing their craft over the course of several years and several releases. Already rock icons in Europe, the time has come for their unique sound to tear the roof off of the States. The album’s Molotov cocktail of rock aggression is liberally infused with a level of raw soulfulness (yes, you read that correctly- soulfulness!) seldom heard in today’s vacuous music landscape. The Bellrays create something very real and very compelling. While their sound is something that uses familiar musical reference points, it somehow takes them in a completely new and refreshing direction- and while The Bellrays didn’t invent rock ‘n roll, they may have perfected it here. Vocalist Lisa Kekaula’s pipes are world-class, recalling the halcyon days of soul, resonating with undeniable grit and emotion, providing the perfect emotions to accompany the primal, sometimes even jazzy, rock stylings of guitarist Tony Fate and bassist Bob Vennum.

Channeling equal parts fury and fragility, The Bellrays have lived and breathed their music since their inception in 1990, packing more emotion into one tune than most bands can throughout the course of several albums. “Most people think that a record is the complete culmination of all that goes into a band”, explains Kekaula. “When you use your voice, guitar, bass, or drums to express feelings where words do not exist, you are your own Superman and Kryptonite. In all that The Bellrays do there is life, blood, emotion and dedication. We know no other way. For every second of music on this recording there was at least a day that led us both individually and as a group to this point, by either practice, songwriting, fighting, accounting, gigging, sleeping in the van, death, etc. We have dedicated our lives to the art of rock and roll.”

The band has showcased their craft over several national and international tours, including dates with bands like The White Stripes, Nashville Pussy, and Rocket from the Crypt, spreading the message of rock ‘n’ soul to anyone within earshot.

“Soul is the teacher, punk is the preacher!”- The Bellrays


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