THE CAUSEY WAY IS NOT A CULT. Sure, they are building a newer, larger compound in a remote, undisclosed location outside of Gainesville, FL. And yes, their leader Causey bears a scandalous resemblance to David Koresh. And yes, they do offer Causey Blood (vegan) in communion cups before their services. And, of course, the audience (“congregation,” rather) is encouraged to fill out membership nametags at each service. It goes without saying that they’re more than merely terrified about Y2K. But, they are not a cult.

Causey formed the Causey Way in 1995, and formed the ACE (Aural Communications and Entertainment) division of the Causey Way in 1997. The ACE comprises the entertainment program on the Causey compound, bringing musical joy to the festivities at the end of a hard day’s work. Causey, believe it or not, used to skateboard professionally using the phony moniker “Scott Stanton”. He used to defy gravity with corporate sponsorship’s emblazoned upon his chest. In interviews he explained, “It was the closest approximation to the feeling of walking on water,” perhaps an indication of his future calling. One day, after landing on his face, breaking his nose and damaging his perfect dental mold, Causey was enlightened. (In a touching tribute to his leader, The Button still wears the very helmet that saved Causey’s life). Causey finally saw the light and felt an unprecedented sense of purpose. Startled by his revelation, Causey wanted to start anew. He awoke from his concussion with a mission: THE CAUSEY WAY, a grassroots ministry that would target those who needed it most, the corrupted, club-hopping youth of America. He dreamt that his followers would release doves to beg for encores, rather than ignite lighters. He employed stringent criteria in recruiting his clergy. The future associates were not allowed to have played in prior bands, or have ever played a musical instrument. Causey wanted to teach his followers everything, declaring “Start with a fresh seed to meet the greatest need”. He made one exception, though, allowing Boy Causey to join the Way. Boy, aka “Brian”, currently holds a day job with MAN OR ASTROMAN?, as well as having served in SERVOTRON. Causey made one thing clear when accepting Boy Causey: he must dedicate 50% of his MOAM earnings to Causey as a love-tithe.

Shortly after the ACE’s inception, THE CAUSEY WAY sent an information care package to Jello Biafra, who requested more information after a long theological discussion with Causey. It contained a digital testament of their rockin psalms and some thoughtful Y2K necessities including generic bleach, air sanitizer, and a supply of cotton swabs large enough to clean out a chapel-full of ears. After receiving this offering, Jello Causey wasted no time in filling out his membership name tag, and the rest is history. Jello Causey has adamantly denied journalists’ claims that he was brainwashed or lovebombed by The Causey Way. In fact, THE CAUSEY WAY filled a void of “New testament Wave” and “pulpit punk” that was missing in his life. The music of CAUSEY ultimately defies description. Everyone must experience the sounds of salvation for him/herself.

Hence, Alternative Tentacles is proud to present, With Loving And Open Arms, THE CAUSEY WAY’S full-length debut from 1999 and 2001’s Causey vs. Everything. An EP entitled WWCD which charted at 35 on CMJ (available on Put It On A Cracker Records) preceded both of these, and the band released a cross-denominational ep entitled Testimony on the Fueled By Ramen label.



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