THE DARTS formed in 2016 with the singular goal of getting four women together to make great garagerock noise, see the world, and have a giant slumber-party of a good time every night. We put on our black slips, took our shoes off, and set out on the adventure. In the first six months, we put out two self-produced EPs and signed with Dirty Water Records (UK). In the first year, we had our first full-length vinyl release, Me.Ow (2019 Dirty Water Records).

We toured Europe a few times and ate a lot of cheese and bread and never wanted to come home. But we did, and a year later the label re-released the first two EPs as a second full-length vinyl. We toured all over the U.S. several times, with great bands like Australia’s The Living End and Billie Joe Armstrong’s The Longshot, and, once again, never wanted to come home. We couldn’t be-lieve people like author Stephen King and punk legends like Jello Biafra and Blag Dahlia were talking about us, sometimes even coming to our shows and jumping up on stage to sing with us. We found ourselves on big festival stages in Europe with Turbonegro and the Dead Kennedys, dancing in our barefeet and thrilled beyond belief.

In 2018, Jello Biafra signed us to his famous label, Alternative Tentacles, and we once again couldn’t believe it was really happening. We re-leased our second full-length, I Like You But Not Like That (2018 Alternative Tentacles Records), with a packed main-stage release show at Punk Rock Bowling in Las Vegas, NV. Before we had time to sit down, we were on a coast-to-coast US tour with our heroes The Damned, playing amazing festivals with bands like Rancid and L7, hearing our songs on top tv shows like Peaky Blinders, reading reviews in Rolling Stone, playing Mexico City’s Hipnosis Fest, and once again never wanting to come home.

When the pandemic hit, things didn’t stop. Vox hosted an Instagram Live show garnering over fifty thousand views. With The Darts’ recent official addition to the Crawlspace Booking roster and Alternative Tentacles’ full support for a new record by the end of 2021, Nicole (vocals, Farfisa organ), Meliza (guitar), Christina (bass), and Velvet (drums) can’t wait to pack the black slips and get back on the road. See you out there. 

“Gets even the most apathetic nerds moshing. Crank it!” – Rolling Stone
“The Darts ‘Take What I Need.’ Very cool.” – Stephen King, author
“One of my new favorite bands.” – Dave Vanian, The Damned
“They smolder and shine like a serpent at the end of a rainbow.” – Blag Dahlia, The Dwarves
“Fabulous…I’m hooked.” – Ken Foote, CBS (Dallas)
“The Coolest Song In The World” – The Underground Garage (SiriusXM Radio)
“Cramps’ spooky punk and Stooges/ raw chaos, by a quartet of garage goddesses.” – RockNYC
“A majestic album of aggressive, wild garage rock. Explosive.” – Rockerilla (Italy)
“The talent in this band is off the charts.” – 50thirdand3rd (FL)
“Like getting hit by a freight train full of inflatable dolls.” – Rumore (Italy)
“One of the most exciting bands on or off the stage” – Turn Up The Volume (Belgium)
“One of the greatest revelations of dirty American rocknroll” – Musica Inclasificable (Mexico City)
“Best new band I have seen.” – John Carlucci, The Underground Garage
“A knock-out punch.” – Rich’s Rants n Raves (Las Vegas)
“The best girl band in the universe.” – Blog Da Buzzo (Brazil)
“Exciting, sweltering..consumes all of your garage rock desires.” – Java Magazine
“Move over Vincent Vega, I’m going with The Darts. Bloody Ace.” Mass Movement (UK)
“Oh yeah, Nicole Laurenne does it again!” – Genya Ravan, Chicks and Broads 

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“Breakup Makeup” from the LP I Like You But Not Like That

“Love U 2 Death” from the LP I Like You But Not Like That

“Bullet” Live from the 7″ Subsonic Dream/Bullet

“The Cat’s Meow” from the album Me. Ow.

“Get Messy” from the album Me. Ow. 

“My Heart Is A Graveyard” from the album The Darts LP

“You Got Me” from the album The Darts LP