After one listen to Thrall’s debut, Chemical Wedding, you’ll be asking yourself, “what is it about the Northern Midwest that spawns music so dark and twisted, intent on providing nightmarish images to give you the heebie-jeebies for life?” Like a gruesome car accident, you cannot avert your eyes.

From the twisted wreckage that was the God BulliesHand Over Head and Inside Out comes Thrall, to forge a more perfect union. Thrall create a soundtrack filled with apocalyptic images, diseased minds and bizarre characters living out classic struggles of power, paranoia, madness and rage.

Their first album for Alternative Tentacles was called Chemical Wedding(1996). Liferis their brand new one. (October 2003).

As the Prozac Generation implodes, choking on its consumer products and poisoned relationships, reeling from the hypnotic TV death-beam and government lies, Thrall is there to document it all.

Mike Hard, former frontman for the infamous God Bullies and Hand Over Head, originally formed Thrall with Karen Neal on bass (Inside Out) (not in current line-up), drummer Scott Kodrik (Hand Over Head), guitarists Paul Thor (Hand Over Head) and lead guitarist Kevin Hagen (Enemy Squad). The end result? The sum of all their parts equals a heavy riff-based rhythm section and a furious guitar squall that merge with Mike Hard’s disturbingly unhinged vocals creating the unholiest marriage of them all.

If you like Thrall look out for Queen Bee, fronted by Karen Neal – which came out on Alternative Tentacles in 1999.

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