Features Jello Biafra with distortion agents Steel Pole Bath Tub and Charles Tolnay of Lubricated Goat, Grong Grong, & King Snake Roost. A grimy noise-guitar band, stronger and more diverse than many big AmRep Midwestern names!

“Sounding more like one of those supergroups with a who’s who lineup (Jello Biafra, Charlie –King Snake RoostLubricated Goat – Tolnay, and Steel Pole Bathtub’s Darren Mar-X and Dale Flattum), Tumor Circus grabs your attention with a roar. No egos get in the way of the music here. Biafra’s distinctive vocals top off a heavy, swirling musical mix powered by throbbing rhythms. Very in-your-face, hard-hitting stuff, not just musically, but lyrically as well. “- Mapp

“This band is actually the latest flavor in the world of Jello – Biafra, that is. This is sort of the closest thing to an actual band for Mr. Jello since the Dead Kennedys. Let’s see… he’s used up DOANomeansno,Ministry (Lard), in all of which he’s essentially worked as the guest vocalist. This project borrows Charlie Tolnay from King Snake Roost and Lubricated Goat, and Mike, Dale, and Darren Steel Pole Bathtub. The result: the slowest, dirgiest, grungiest conglomeration that Jello has ever lent vocals to. The verdict: it works! That is, it works if you can bear listening to a DKs album at half speed for about an hour. If you thought Jello’s voice was high and whiney, wait’ll you hear it low, slow and dirgish! Gotta love the lyrics too. Scaaaary!” – Unknown Reviewer

“Consisting of Jello Biafra, the members of Steel Pole Bathtub and King Snake Roost guitarist Charles Tolnay, this self-titled platter just might be the perfect way to tell your loved one this holiday season that you’d do it all over again. As lines like “Is that a cattle prod in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?” from “Meathook Up My Rectum” ride atop aching guitar manglings and loping, fuzz-drenched bass lines, the effect of this album on the listener is something close to standing nervously beside rusty, unoiled machinery that buckles, hisses, and squeals incessantly as it threatens to explode in your face over and over again but never quite does. Perhaps the most special moments on this one are “Hazing for Success,” which rolls like a cold thunder before a storm, and “Calcutta A-Go-Go” which just plain burns, but this is certainly not an album to skip through. So put down that curly fry maker and try stuffin’ a little Tumor Circus down that stocking instead.” – Rockpool Magazine


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