Ultra Bide` was formed in Kyoto-City, in 1978. played as core of ” KANSAI NO WAVE ” with Aunt Sally, INU, SS and others at the time. Ultra Bide` had a significant impact on the Alternative scene, punk, new wave, noise, and avant-garde in Japan. In 1980, The First Japanese Punk Record ‘DOKKIRI RECORD’ was released. In 1984, original ULTRA BIDE was released by Alchemy Records as Alchemy Records’s first 12 inch LP. 1985, Ultra Bide` move to Brooklyn, New York. U.S.A. to activity base, and released ” GOD is GOD PUKE is PUKE ” from Alternative Tentacles, Jello Biafra label in 1995. Ultra Bide` have moved to playing field in world-wide, U.S.A. CANADA, Europe and Japan. Between, 1995-1998 two Albums and one EP released as LP/CD.

In 2001, Hide was back to Japan, Ultra Bide’ re-started as Twin Bass & Drums sound just, PUNK-ART-ELECTRO-MASSIVE-ATTACK-ROCK! In October 2013, Ultra Bide` will release new album ‘DNA vs DNA-c’ from Alternative Tentacles. and this time Ultra Bide` go to play either Earth near your house, Club and Art Space, or to Journey to the Centre of the Earth with DNA vs DNA-c. Back into OLD SCHOOL to NEW SCHOOL to JUST PUNK ART ROCK to Blow Up your L & R Brains!
– hide ultra bide’

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