Meet the strangest known band from the pre-punk dayze of glam. A sound like no other and a story as out there as the The Monks. We’re talking commitment here – spacesuits, Spock ears, even antennae feelers – onstage, on the street, and wherever they made the scene. ZOLAR-X spoke their own language, and insisted they really were from outer space to anyone who could get past their, er, unique hairdos long enough to listen.

A teenage Jello Biafra rolled his eyes when he saw Zolar X featured in Lenny Kaye’s Rock Scene, but never forgot the band. Years later a semi-official bootleg appeared, and everyone Jello played it for was floored – the missing link between Chrome and The Stooges?

After a 20-year-hunt for planet Zolar, a fresh listen to the masters revealed a serious prog side too. At the time, Rock Scene, called them “Pink Floyd crossed with Black Sabbath.” Intrigued yet? Be the first to whip this out at your next party.

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