So that's a wrap on Alternative TentacleFEST! 11 bands over 3 days at Thee Stork Club in Oakland, Ca. Bummed you missed it? Don't worry, will be posting clips of some of the highlights in the weeks ahead, AND you can watch the full livestream of each night below!

Thank you to all our bands, everyone who came out to see the show, and everyone who tuned into the livestream to watch online! We are so excited to finally re-launch Alternative TentacleFEST! Thank you all for being a part of it! Look for more shows and tour announcements coming in the weeks ahead! 

Night 1: Redshift, Moms With Bangs, with special guests Build Them To Break and Middle-Aged Queers

Night 2: The Fleshies, Sandrider, M.I.A., with special guest Desslock

Night 3: The Darts, DFMK, Wheelchair Sports Camp