Alternative Tentacles Records is proud to present The Darts "Hang Around" from the brand new album, "Boomerang" out now and in stores everywhere on May 3rd. Order your copy now!

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From vocalist/keyboardist Nicole Laurenne (BMI):
"I actually wrote “Hang Around” while I was writing for our last album Snake Oil. It was one of the thirty-ish demos I sent to Jello Biafra to consider for that record. It didn’t make the cut for some reason. But then, literally the night before we started recording Snake Oil, we got a phone call from Jello asking, “Are you sure you can’t squeeze a few more songs onto this record - I really have grown to love ‘Hang Around”’and ‘Your Show’ and they need to be recorded.” We just couldn’t swing it with the studio time we had available, but I was so happy he liked them and we promised to get those songs out as soon as possible. So when we started planning for the next record, Boomerang, those two songs were already at the top of the list. We started playing them both live during the Snake Oil tour and the crowds loved them so much, even coming to ask me about these new songs at the merch booth after the shows. So, as usual, Jello was right. “Hang Around” is a little garage ditty about those annoyingly toxic people in your life who just won’t leave you alone - even when you ghost them and break up with them and drop a zillion hints and never accept their invitations, they still don’t get the message. And you find yourself back in the same room with them again and again somehow, listening to their endlessly mind-numbing stories and trying to figure out why this keeps happening to you. Matt Eskew (Generation X-Ray) shot the video at Seattle’s Southgate Roller Rink during Freakout Fest weekend. The Darts played live in the middle of the rink while people skated around us. This was a dream scenario for our bassist Christina….who of course roller-skated in her black cape before our set."

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