v407 - Various - "Terminal City Ricochet (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)"

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Artist Name: Various
Album Title: Terminal City Ricochet (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Virus #407
Zale Dalen's 1990 film, Terminal City, is a decaying world where the citizens wallow amidst a mind-boggling profusion of discarded consumer goods; a ruthless world where television is exploited to its fullest to sell yet more needless junk to eager consumers; a bewildering land where the unreal is real and the real, unreal. Alex Stevens is hurled into this bedlam where he finds himself pitted against the maniacal Ross Gilmore, Mayor of Terminal City, and the evil Bruce Coddle, agent of Gilmore's Social Peace Enforcement Unit.
Starring JELLO BIAFRA, Terminal City Ricochet is well known in cult film circles, but it has only been shown at film festivals, and a few times on pay-TV. The DVD combo, (containing both the DVD of the film and a CD of the movie soundtrack) has been made available. It was released October 2010.