v338 - Nausea - "The Punk Terrorist Anthology Vol.2 : '85-'88"

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Artist Name: Nausea
Album Title: The Punk Terrorist Anthology Vol.2 : '85-'88
Virus #338
NAUSEA is one of the most influential New York City punk bands ever. Among the first bands to combine raw punk, metal and intense socio-political lyrics, creating a style often imitated but rarely equaled. Dual female/male vocalists trade off over a ferocious musical backdrop that found its way into the sound of bands like NEUROSIS, LOGICAL NONSENSE and ANTISCHISM, to bands of today like KYLESA, SKARP and LEFTOVER CRACK. “The Punk Terrorist Anthology Vol. II 1986-1988†collects 30 NAUSEA tracks including several live, unreleased and demo tracks and classic songs like ‘Smash Racism’, ‘Clutches’ (recently covered by KYLESA) and ‘Godless’, which are as relevant today as when they were recorded nearly two decades ago. This is the first of several Black Noise Records releases to be released in cooperation with Alternative Tentacles.