v365 - The Heads - "Under The Stress Of A Headlong Dive"

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Artist Name: The Heads
Album Title: Under The Stress Of A Headlong Dive
Virus #365
England's THE HEADS have long been considered the lysergic gold standard of the stoner/space rock, psych and garage universe by those in the know. More FUN HOUSE and HAWKWIND than ZEPPELIN, this is the same HEADS that released a compilation CD and two paint-peeling 10"s on Man's Ruin. Think early MUDHONEY but way further off the deep end, blasting off on a hypno-space jam trajectory, without losing track of the songs or that perfect, deadly riff. On their West Coast tour with NEBULA, JELLO BIAFRA was among those floored by THE HEADS: "Wow, two Helios Creeds in one band!" On this, their fifth album, THE HEADS stretch out once again with a bit harder edge than the last outing or two, yet proving they're still the supreme masters of all things wah-wah. An unhealthy obsession with Kraut-rock rears its "head" as well. Expect the back catalog and possible collaboration with JELLO BIAFRA in the not too distant future.