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Demo Submission

Yes, we do accept demos. We won’t lie to you, we don’t release a lot of records each year and we are very picky, so unless you already are talking to us, the odds aren’t all that great.

Jello Biafra is the final word on which bands we sign. He is very busy, but he generally tries to listen to most of the demos he receives.

If you would like to submit a demo; please send it to:

Alternative Tentacles Records
P.O. Box 419092
San Francisco, CA 94141
attn. Jello Biafra

He does not accept mp3s. He will not go out and listen to your mp3s on the web. If you are interested in having Jello hear your music, you need to send him a CD, tape or vinyl.Sometimes Jello replies to people submitting demos; sometimes he doesn’t. There is no way for us to check on your “status”, so please don’t ask.

We cannot return your demos either, so please don’t send us your originals or ask us to send them back.

Thank You and Good Luck