Brown Reason To Live


You may have seen them on ‘MTV’ in the 1990s & 2000s, but this is where it all began for these acid casualty reality trippers called the BUTTHOLE SURFERS. Brown Reason To Live is their very first release from way back in 1983. Here it is on vintage thick wax- as it has always been including 7 insane songs, as crazed and lysergic as ever! Don’t forget their 2nd 12″ EP release on AT, Live PCPPEP!

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Pressing history:
Brown vinyl, 332 pressed, 2009
Gold vinyl, 500 pressed, 2011
Blue vinyl, 500 pressed, 2011
White vinyl, 500 pressed, 2013
Red vinyl, 500 pressed, 2013
Clear vinyl, 500 pressed, 2015
Green vinyl, 1019 pressed, 2017

P.S.- And the answer to the timeless question, what speed is this meant to be played on? It’s meant to be played at 69 rpm, of course! (But if your turntable doesn’t have a “69” setting, try it on 45 instead.)

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