Case Studies In Hypocrisy; U.S. Human Rights Policy


New double CD from the famous American professor dealing with U.S. human policy. Noam tackles : W.T.O., foreign policy, international conventions, America’s New World Order, NAFTA, GATT, MAI, US Iraq matters,..

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With the recent celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of the Universal Declaration Of Human Rights, and America’s undisputedposition as the world’s only superpower, the contrast between the rhetoric and the reality of US foreign policy has never been more stark. With his inimitable penetrating analysis and dry wit, Chomsky leads us through the murky blood-soaked reality of America’s New World Order – whether it’s NAFTA, GATT, MAI and the World Trade Organization, or our relations with Palestine, Israel, Haiti and China. The second lecture of this two part set focuses on the motives and consequences of US Iraq policy – a continuing (though hardly unique) shining example of murderous hypocrisy at its most lethal.

Noam Chomsky is perhaps the foremost critic of American foreign policy, the media which propagandizes on its behalf, and the economic system which provides the real motor for its deadly course. Certainly the most tireless critic, he writes profusely and lectures frequently. Alternative Tentacles recently re-issued an older title of his called ), Free Market Fantasies : Capitalism In The Free World (Virus 236). This double CD has never been available before.

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