Deep Conversations In The Shaman’s Den – (Vol. 1)


Frank Moore’s Shaman’s Den streamed live on the internet almost every Sunday night from 1998 until Frank’s death in 2013. The Shaman’s Den was a 2 1/2-hour variety show featuring in-studio concerts by bands from around the world and in-depth conversations about politics, art, music, and life. In this volume, the first in a series, Frank and his guests explore a wide-open field of topics and present new, alternative ways of looking at everything from current economic and political situations to personal relationships. Featured in this volume are conversations with Paul Krassner, comedian/satirist and co-founder of the Yippies; long-time friends Stephen Emanuel and Louise Scott; ENT doctor and surgeon, Dr. Richard Kerbavaz; David Johnson, one of the San Quentin Six, and Elder Freeman, Catholic priest and founding member of the L.A. Black Panther Party for Self-Defense; Sasha Cagen, Quirkyalone creator and author; New York performance artist Penny Arcade; political activists and pirate radio DJs Gerald Smith and Tracy James; San Francisco anti-performance artist and composer, Michael Peppe; Kevin Danaher, co-founder of the human rights and social/economic/environmental justice organization, Global Exchange; and John the Baker, singer, songwriter, punk musician and community organizer. “Talking with you was one of the most surprising, thought-provoking, inspirational experiences I’ve ever had. I feel like you’ve updated and expanded my definitions of art, conversation, intelligence, and even how I interpret the concept of ‘a person’.” – Capital, guitarist, Shroomy Shroom “ … thoughtful questions well asked. It’s a rare skill these days.” – Shannon Flattery, Touchable Stories “He’s an amazing inspiration for anyone seeking freedom of expression without any physical or mental boundaries.” – Silke Tudor, S.F. Weekly “Freedom and the power of free speech has become the signpost of (Frank Moore’s) work from the 1960s to today … His career’s work has been to burst through the barriers of social isolation that separate people.” – Nick Stillman, Editor, NYFA Current Published by Inter-Relations

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