GIT SOME “Loose Control”


From the ashes of Planes Mistaken For Stars comes Git Some! This is their 2nd record and their 1st with The Bat!

Formed in Chicago in 2003 by guitarist Chuck French and bassist Neil Keener (both former-PMFS), GIT SOME has morphed through lineup changes/relocation into the lean and mean Denver-based quartet that it is today.  French and Keener take the raw-edged guitar/bass tones and riffs that PMFS was well-known for and render them even spikier and more rhythmically intense.  Lucius Fairchild (vocals) contributes a singular vocal style, balancing a soulful wail and a harsh scream.  This approach works well to express lyrics which avoid broad statements on politics/society in favor of looking inward at a complex, dark, and often disturbing personal inner landscape.   Andrew Lindstrom (drums) provides a solid but constantly-shifting foundation via a combination of beats which outline the basic structure of each song and intense fills that contribute a sense of spontaneity and surprise to the proceedings.

Don’t forget their devastating debut, Cosmic Rock!


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