JOY SUBTRACTION “Hate Will Keep Us Together”


Hate Will Keep Us Together is an album by the Denver-based punk rock band JOY SUBTRACTION, released in 2012.

Power trio JOY SUBTRACTION has been stirring up trouble in Denver for the last few years, outperforming expectations at clubs like Illegal Pete’s and the Hi-Dive, and generally crushing and smashing all the pretense and conformity in sight with their diamond hard attitude. That name might give readers the impression this band is depressive or overly serious. Far from it. A brand of gutsy comedy informing its output makes every song a deadpan lesson or a burning joke. The band’s expertly titled debut, The Essential Joy Subtraction, has also been described as “expertly recorded.” What does it sound like? Whatever you hate; whatever makes you feel ugly and insecure; whatever garnishes your wages. Do you like Radiohead? Joy Subtraction sounds like the exact opposite of Radiohead.

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