Finally reissued as a digipack! The voice, vibe and vision of 16 HORSEPOWER leader David Eugene Edwards tapped an even deeper vein than Jeffrey Lee Pierce himself. Only instead of a hell hound on his trail, David’s went straight to God. Here are 8 originals and 3 very unique takes on songs by JOY DIVISION, CCR, and THE GUN CLUB. This great-sounding 1998 live show is riveting and long-sought after by 16 HP fans!

Previously very hard to find, Hoarse contains 16 HORSEPOWER live tracks from Denver in 1998. This was first intended to be released as a bootleg, but it was instead released briefly on Checkered Past as an official live album after the powers that be heard how incredible it is, back in 2001. Long sought-after by rabid and diverse 16 HP fans everywhere, Hoarse finds a steady and permanent home at last on Alternative Tentacles Records.

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