Kero Kero Kero


EX-GIRL is coming! Once upon a time they were on Mike Patton’s Ipecac records, then Alternative Tentacles. Before all that happened they had this weirdo noise rock, space punk masterpiece, Kero Kero Kero, but it was only available in Japan and only on CD. 18 Years later it sounds like a breath of fresh air and is coming to vinyl for the first time ever. 250 copies on Baby Pink with Black Splatter vinyl and 250 copies on Hot Pink and Easter Yellow swirl vinyl are all that are being pressed. All copies are hand-numbered and include a digital download code. Remastered by Carl Saff.  


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eX-Girl are a beautiful example of information overload. Jagged 3 part vocal harmonies, adventurous arrangements, and songs that hook you like the sucker that you are. Take all of these treats, wrap it in an ultra-bright technicolor live show with surreal homemade costumes, and you’ve got the sensation of being strapped in on an out-of-control carnival ride that will leave you standing in line waiting for another turn. —Mike Patton

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