L.A. MACHINA “Welcome To The Machina”


With a walloping brand of high voltage psyche/stoner/punk & roll that is Welcome To The Machina, newly forged female super-power trio L.A. Machina are an irresistibly formidable break-out force.

Consisting of three notable natural born rockers—the powerhouse singer-guitarist Michelle Balderrama (Brainspoon, Electric Children, The Darts US), equally high impact vocalist-bassist Suzi Moon (Turbulent Hearts, Civet) and high priestess of banging backbeat Rikki Styxx (Death Valley Girls, The Dollyrots, Two Tens, The Darts US)—L.A. Machina brings both gorgeously rendered, highly original songs and a supercharged appeal that’s already gained them significant traction.

The long awaited debut 7″ features L.A. Machina first hit single “Teenage Head” and their brand new single “Go!” This 7″ has no B-side!

“We’re kinda like Josie & the Pussycats, but with LSD and way more distortion” – Suzi Moon


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