Live At The Polish American Club


Live At The Polish American Club is an album by the Southern Florida-based punk rock band The Eat, released in 2008.

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Formed in 1978 by brothers Eddie and Michael O’Brien, Glenn Newland, and Christopher Cottie, The Eat rapidly became a distinct member of a relatively small group of South Florida punk rock acts that also included the Cichlids. The same thing was happening all around the country; young kids everywhere were rejecting the disco and track music stagnation of Seventies radio. Armed with deceptively simple songs, The Eat gigged on a small circuit of clubs throughout South Florida — The Agora Ballroom, Flynn’s, The Premier AOR, Balkan Lounge, and 27 Birds, just to name a few. “In the early Seventies, doing original material in clubs was out of the question,” says Eddie O’Brien. “Maybe you could slip in one per set, but the clubs sometimes even told you what covers you could play. The Cichlids were the first popular band I remember doing originals … and they kicked the door open for us, [Charlie] Pickett, The Reactions, and the others.” (The rest of this biography can be found on the Artists page of this website, )

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