Lucky Strike


Emerging in 2008, BUILD THEM TO BREAK has steadily established themselves as a San Francisco pop-punk-rock powerhouse. Driven by an engaging, high-octane sound, their lyrics weave tales of recession rock, love, loss, youth and the personal struggle to simply exist while the greater world feels like it’s falling apart.

Fast, melodic and deliberate, “Lucky Strike” arrives as BUILD THEM TO BREAK‘s sophomore album out now on M Perfect Records.

Available on translucent yellow with download card! Limited to 300!

Watch the official music video for the track “Do Or Die” which was filmed at the legendary Alternative Tentacles Records warehouse!



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BUILD THEM TO BREAK returns with their sophomore album “Lucky Strike” which released on Aug 30th, 2019 with the help of M Perfect Records. A gritty bass line introduces the album and immediately explodes into the title track followed by 7 more melodic numbers showcasing the unique strength of each member. Fronted by singer and bassist, Chris Shearer, the vocals deliver tightly syncopated lyrics in rhythmic phrasing and cadence while his bass steadily punches along at a breakneck pace. Lead guitarist, Charley Arents, accompanies Chris on harmony backups while driving a wall of heavy guitar tone with guitarist, Mike Loftus. Locking this all together while propelling it forward, is the deliberate and surgical precision-like drumming style of Kevin Rypma. Combining these elements has made “Lucky Strike” the band’s strongest release to date.

Following their 2016 album “Pushed Aside”, BUILD THEM TO BREAK’s “Lucky Strike” almost makes you feel as if you are riding along with the band, watching the landscape through a cracked van window. Singing along to a crowd favorite “Octavia,” a self-deprecating reflection on growing up. Contemplating all too real and terrifying thoughts about the steady progress of global warming in “Eastbound Bridge” and children of “Without a Trace” rotting in detention centers. Finding yourself back in “Pill Hill” (aka the City’s Tenderloin neighborhood) once tour ends and coming home to the one that didn’t get away in the title track “Lucky Strike.” At the end you’ll want to crack a beer to cheers the irreverent ode to touring itself in “Do or Die.”

With their sophomore album, BUILD THEM TO BREAK has come into their own as seasoned veterans, appearing with Tsunami Bomb, Tony Sly, Get Dead, Useless ID, and Bad Cop Bad Cop.

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