Nobody Listens Anymore


2015 marks the 30 years anniversary of their classic first (and only) full length LP Nobody Listens Anymore. Originally released on the Subhumans’ own Bluurg Records back in 1985. THE INSTIGATORS were a bunch of enthusiastic anarcho-punk kids that managed to play a style of raging, powerful and in your face punk rock with the right amount of melody and anger. Their lyrics have a bold political message which among other bands of this era left quite an impact on the Anarcho-punk scene of the early eighties. Needless to say that their lyrical as well as musical content stands the test of time and is as relevant today as it was back then.

The (original) Instigators disbanded shortly after the release of this classic LP just to reform in a different line up to continue towards a more “American rock” influenced style of punk and never reached the same peak as the (original) line up. Some may disagree, but for us, the original Instigators are most essential and this is an absolute anarcho-punk classic and a must have for every collection!

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