Poets Were My Heroes


Poets Were My Heroes is an album by the New York-based punk rock band Morning Glory, released in 2012. Formed originally as a solo project by Ezra Kire, after the band Choking Victim disbanded in 1999.


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This epic album is a sonic kaleidoscope of punk noise melding strings, horns, choirs, pianos and organs over a web of distorted guitars and marching, single kick pedal drums. It is both grand and elaborate, with each song evoking a different mood and style, challenging the musicianship of even the most dexterous players, while still maintaining its punk-inspired simplicity and catchy anthemic sound throughout. Beyond the music itself, the message of the songs on Poets Were My Heroes differentiate themselves from the standard politi-kill crust punk acts, embracing a more positive outlook of unity in diversity.

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