Social Immolation



Social Immolation, ALL TORN UP!‘s fifth release is a fiery 4 song 7″ that sets its sights on empowering punx to deal with the wasteland of politics of the current state of politics.

From Catalyst’s chants to refuse to join the US military and instead fight for justice to Curse God’s personal empowerment through the realization that giving up God, all four songs, delve deep into the truths about the ugly world created by careless capitalists and the incredible potential, laying dormant in the power of the people.

This is a record about setting ablaze the horrible, broken systems we are born into and looking through to a future we can call our own. Some might call it hope, but we call it action. Featuring guest vocals by Sturgeon of Leftöver Crack, All Torn Up invites you to tear into a better world with this special red 7″ vinyl.

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