Still Standing – Pre Order Bundle


With their new 7” “Still Standing”, Tsunami Bomb has returned with their unique sound of keyboard driven bombastic punk rock with a dark edge and soaring vocals that gives an incredible fresh spin on some classic tracks.

Following up their emphatic return on the 2019 LP “The Spine That Binds”, Tsunami Bomb wanted to revisit two of their classic songs as a gift for their street team, The Bomb Squad.  The Irish jig driven “Irish Boys” is a live show favorite, but only previously available on a bedroom made 4 track recording from 1999. Keyboardist and co-vocalist Oobliette Sparks takes lead on this track, firing lines back and forth with vocalist Kate Jacobi, while guitarist Andy Pohl showcases his lead guitar skills as the song screams through it’s bittersweet tale of both shoes and evening plans drunkenly destroyed.

Hear the new version of “Irish Boys” by Tsunami Bomb

Another Tsunami Bomb beloved classic gets a revisit with “El Diablo”, a song that was co-written by Oobliette who had sadly left the band by the time it was originally recorded. Now in its intended form, the keyboards return with a vengeance making you wonder how they could have ever not been present. Meanwhile the band’s tight rhythm section, drummer Gabe Lindeman and bassist Dominic Davi, explosively charge through the track at a breakneck pace.  However, it’s Jacobi who takes center stage, with her high-flying vocals making the song and its message definitively and unquestionably hers.

That’s just side A! Side B has two tracks exclusive to the vinyl, from a bootleg recording of the band in New York in 2018! If you have never seen Tsunami Bomb live, the shows are notorious for being packed, sweaty sing-alongs, and that is very much on display here. On two of their most popular songs of all time, “Take The Reins” and “Lemonade” the band is almost drowned out by the East Coast crowd who screams every word back at them.

While the “Still Standing” 7” was supposed to be just for their street team, Jello Biafra caught wind of it and insisted it be released on Alternative Tentacles, allowing the world to hear this new classic from Tsunami Bomb. A good thing he did, because this EP proves once again that not only is Tsunami BombStill Standing”, they are better than ever.

The 7″ pre-order bundle includes exclusive Still Standing T-shirt that will not be available after pre-order ends. Only available for a limited time in this pre-order bundle. 

**This is a Pre-Order. The 7″ and bundles will ship out in January 2021 due to production delays. The release will be in stores everywhere on January 22, 2021**


All additional items purchased with this pre-order will be shipped all together once pre-orders become available to ship. If you would like other items to be shipped at the regular processing time please make a separate order.


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