POTBELLY “Test Of Time”


Test Of Time is an album by the West Coast-based punk rock band POTBELLY, released in 2016.

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Potbelly formed in january 1995 on Whidbey Island, Washington. Founding members Ken Ball, and Jason Potbelly still lead the charge 22 years later. Potbelly has had almost 100 releases, inspiring Punks from around the globe to get Potbelly tattoos. Undoubtedly because of their fearless and bold lyrics about the darker side of life, from horror films, to political corruption. Adding Christen Ogdon, and Boner to the mix, has proven to great additions. The newest album, “Test Of Time” is a testament to that fact. After all these years, the band isn’t slowing down, in fact, it seems that Potbelly is just getting started.

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