The Big Ka-Boom/Machine Gun In The Clown’s Hand Bundle


In this special bundle, we’ve collected two classic Jello Biafra spoken word CDs the discuss many events that have lead to the current situation in Afghanistan, and here in the United States.

From Jello:
“I am far from the only know-it-all who predicted this way back when Clown Prince Dubya and his barnyard friends launched their poorly thought out invasion clear back in ‘01.
For lots of now buried lead-up on Afghan history, the Taliban and the FIRST Great Betrayal we pulled, that resulted in the Taliban seizing power in the first place, refer back to my Spoken Word albums, “Machine Gun in the Clown’s Hand”, “The Big Ka-Boom” and “In the Grip or Official Treason”, which widens into Iraq.”

The Big Ka-Boom, Part One:
Recorded at a performance in November 2001 on Biafra’s Spitfire Tour, the album consists of a single, 34-minute track discussing Biafra’s views on the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 and subsequent “War on Terror“.

Machine Gun In The Clown’s Hand:
JELLO BIAFRA follows his critically acclaimed Big Ka-Boom album with another in-depth spoken word explosion. This time in, Jello takes on the current war on terrorism—and how it’s gone wrong—and then unloads on the 2000 Florida election. Eyebrows will be raised, conceptions will be altered, and, three discs later, consciousness will be challenged.

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