The Punk Terrorist Anthology (vol. 1)


The classic tracks from this late 1980s NYC squatter punk crust band with snarling male/female vocals, tough-as-nails music, and soaring political lyrics! This volume includes their classic Extinction LP and a passel of their best 7-inches like Cybergod & Lie Cycle!

The 1980’s were a tense time in America, Ronald Reagan was president, nuclear war was on everyone’s mind and racism was running rampant in the suburbs and the big city streets. The music was overshadowed with the then new MTV, cheese metal and complete apathy. The youth in America were consumed with total bullshit and were consuming all the appropriate products of bullshit. The Lower East Side of New York City was still a ghetto of some sorts, providing a home for struggling artists, musicians, activists, squatters, junkies and the generally poor Latino, African-American and Ukrainian community that had already existed there. Here, the backdrop of our story begins. Enter Nausea!

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