While We’re Young


While We’re Young is an album by the Orange County-based punk rock band Old Rivals, released in 2017.

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The EP opens with a song of the same name, While We’re Young. Kicking off with a steady drumbeat, before the electric guitars and harmonica join the mix, Old Rivals have me hooked after the very first verse of their first song. The song is in parts nostalgic but it is also about the band’s way of life in general, being wayfarers of their hometown and simply living and breathing music. ‘Remember buying our first record, Playing it again over and over, We learnt more from a 3-minute record, Than we ever did in school.’ Music is life. The second song on While We’re Young is called The Darkness. It keeps up the pace and ensures that my head doesn’t stop nodding along. There is some more excellent harmonica (to be fair, any harmonica is excellent to me) at the start of this track before the vocals even start. This upbeat number also features Bree Fondacaro for alternating verses, as well as harmonies on the chorus. It’s nice to have softer country-style voice to compliment Mark De La Torre’s gruffer lead vocals and adds an extra element to the Old Rivals sound.
Are you thinking that it might be time for a slower-paced song now? Nope! Miles Away is as fast and foot-stomping-ly furious as the previous tracks. This is another affirmative song about trying to deal with being apart – miles apart – from someone that you care about in the best way possible. ‘When you’re miles and miles away, Keep me in your heart my friend.’ About two-thirds of the way through Mile Away, after a harmonica solo, there is a great big reverb-y guitar solo that I’d love to see played live. The next song begins where the last left off, with some big guitars that wouldn’t be out of place on a Gaslight Anthem record. And as The Gaslight Anthem, one of my favourite bands of all time, are no more for the foreseeable future, I am very happy to hear their likeness in a new band. Now Or Never is an excellent song about friendship and being there for someone no matter what. ‘I’ll tell you one thing, No matter where you go, I hope that you find what you’re looking for. When you’re tired and you’re weak, I’ll be right there to pick you up, You’ve always got a place to call your home…’
For You As Many Words is a song with a sadder tone than its predecessors. This sadness is conveyed in its slower pace with some stripped back acoustic guitars. Although this song is about a lost loved one and not being able to do anything to change that, it is also about thinking of them fondly and reflecting on the positive impact they had on your life. ‘And I can write a hundred thousand words, Still none of them will ever bring you back, And all I can do is remember those good times, Until then I see you when I die my friend.’ There is also quite a funky, yet subtle, bassline for the breakdown in the middle which was a bit of a surprise. The last song on While We’re Young is called Say You Won’t and it gives Old Rivals a chance to crank the volume up once more for a fists-in-the-air style Americana-punk anthem. Say You Won’t is about seizing the day and enjoying each moment. This definitely ends the EP on a more positive note after the sombreness of the previous track (not that there’s anything wrong with sad songs). The line ‘Take it or leave it, What are you gonna do now?’ seems like a fine way to end the song and indeed the EP.
Review by Emma Pew

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