v244 - False Prophets - "Blind Roaches And Fat Vultures: Phantasmagoric Beasts Of The Reagan Era"

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Artist Name: False Prophets
Album Title: Blind Roaches And Fat Vultures: Phantasmagoric Beasts Of The Reagan Era
Virus #244
Seminal NY punk band the FALSE PROPHETS recorded their self-titled debut album in 1984. Now it's finally out on CD with eight bonus cuts, including the band's two ultra-rare singles and five unreleased songs (see track listing). Sure, you can call it part of "Alternative Tentacles Records re-issues of necessity," series, along with our past re-issues: the DICKS, V/A - NOT SO QUIET ON THE WESTERN FRONT, BGK a Dutch feast; the complete works of the FARTZ, AMEBIX arise! +2 LP + 7"/CD and recently MIA
Formed in 1980, the FALSE PROPHETS helped spawn the second generation of New York punk-rock. But they were far more eclectic than the average punk band, melding flat-out thrash and slow psychedelic drones, bass-driven reggae and rap-inflected grooves, and punk-rock opera. "We're like the oddball cousins of the New York scene," lead singer Stephan Ielpi once told Maximum Rock'n'Roll. They were also noted for their politico-religious agitprop and Ielpi's onstage antics, which included donning a bear-head mask and throwing cat litter (unused) at the audience. They opened for the DEAD KENNEDYS, the RAMONES, D.O.A., JOHNNY THUNDERS, and BLACK FLAG.