v295 - Christian Parenti - "Taking Liberties (Prisons, Policing And Surveillance In An Age Of Crisis)"

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Artist Name: Christian Parenti
Album Title: Taking Liberties (Prisons, Policing And Surveillance In An Age Of Crisis)
Virus #295

The late 20th century will be remembered as an era of relentless U.S. aggression. Not least of which has been aimed at the domestic population in the form of a rapidly expanding "prison industrial complex" and the militarization of our various policing agencies. Christian Parenti takes an unflinching look at state repression and the impact and implications it has on our society. This collection of talks takes us from the social upheaval of the 60’s and 70’s, to the clampdown of Reagan’s 80’s, and brings us to our neoliberal age and the "Patriot Act."
Christian Parenti is the author of Lockdown America and a frequent contributor to The Progressive, The Nation and the Christian Science Monitor.