v326 - The Freak Accident - "The Freak Accident"

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Artist Name: The Freak Accident
Album Title: The Freak Accident
Virus #326
For the past two decades the influential, kinetic punk of VICTIM’S FAMILY and its offshoots SATURN’S FLEA COLLAR and HELLWORMS has been synonymous with Alternative Tentacles Records, with eight prior releases altogether. Now Ralph Spight brings his latest offering, THE FREAK ACCIDENT, to Alternative Tentacles, a continuation of the VICTIM’S FAMILY style of mashing disparate genres like punk, funk, noise and pop into a coherent and rockin’ style all their own.
On its self-titled debut THE FREAK ACCIDENT expand outward from where VICTIM’S FAMILY left off, recording with diverse musicians from groups like the BROUN FELLINIS, THE SICK and even P-FUNK! Everything from pop-punk - “Ex-Wife†& Chinese Phrasebook†- to latin-surf - “Free To Be Freaks†– and instruments ranging from the usual guitars and percussion to piano, theremin, bongos, sousaphone and even ice skating rink organ. THE FREAK ACCIDENT will not only please fans of VICTIM’S FAMILY, but will appeal to an ever wider spectrum of music lovers.