v362 - Turn Me On Dead Man - "Technicolour Mother"

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Artist Name: Turn Me On Dead Man
Album Title: Technicolour Mother
Virus #362
Alternative Tentacles is proud to announce the release of Technicolour Mother, San Francisco's TURN ME ON DEAD MAN's anticipated follow-up to God Bless the Electric Freak. TMODM's sophomore effort expands on their signature soundscape of psychedelic peaks and heavy metal/stoner rock depths--"heavydelic" is the band's contribution to the lexicon of music genres--offering a more diverse cadre of songs than their debut. The seemingly unlikely team of Eli Crews (BEULAH) and Tim Green (NATION OF ULYSSES, FUCKING CHAMPS)--with TMODM frontman and songwriting wizard Mykill Ziggy at their side--recorded and produced Technicolour Mother, adding yet another layer to the musical complexity with bigger, fuller production than their debut. Simply put, TURN ME ON DEAD MAN plays heavy crush bliss rock breaking the sound barrier on their own private Lear jet headed straight to hell. So put on your headphones, turn up the volume, and let us turn you on to a place where Rock is religion, and religion is loud!