v389 - Report Suspicious Activity - "Destroy All Evidence"

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Artist Name: Report Suspicious Activity
Album Title: Destroy All Evidence
Virus #389
The sunset of the Bush Administration brings the empty election-year promise of change that placates some, but others--still tasting the bile over American atrocities from the last eight years and beyond--force a change themselves. Vic Bondi (Articles of Faith, Alloy, Jones Very) began REPORT SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY as a productive means to channel his political rage: a one-off project that grew into a band as musicians were recruited, songs written, and shows played. In addition to Bondi, REPORT SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY now boasts an impressive lineup with J. Robbins (JAWBOX, BURNING AIRLINES), Darren Zentek and Erik Denno (KEROSENE 454). 
The meaningless war on terror drags on, and so continues REPORT SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY's musical insurgency. For Destroy All Evidence, their follow-up to 2005's self-titled debut, both Bondi and Robbins penned the songs while Bondi, Robbins, and Denno take turns as lead vocalists. In terms of song craft and lyrical heft, They can duke it out with the best of Reagan-era political punk. Their hardcore mettle is tempered with a DC post-punk slant and Bondi's always-soulful songwriting. The lyrics, as informed as they are vitriolic, go beyond simplistic punk punditry, waking our emotional core fatigued by the 24-hour news cycle. Is Destroy All Evidence a bitter requiem for the Bush legacy? One would like to think it's a clarion call to never forget the dark times as we forge ahead.