• v485 - Disaster Strikes - "In The Age Of Corporate Personhood"
  • Virus 485 Cover-Vinyl Green
  • Virus 485 Cover-Vinyl

v485 - Disaster Strikes - "In The Age Of Corporate Personhood"

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Artist Name: Disaster Strikes
Album Title: In The Age Of Corporate Personhood
Virus #485
Boston's very own Disaster Strikes delivers this brand new hard-hitting album on Alternative Tentacles! Produced by underground legend Richard Marr, Disaster Strikes delivers Boston hardcore punk with impactful lyrics about social justice and workers' rights. Featuring Jello Biafra!
These ten new blistering tracks encapsulate the raw energy and intensity of their live sets. The opening track, "The Fighting Path" is fermented with protest and resistance from its violent start to its incendiary final warning. The title track In the Age of Corporate Personhood features guest vocals by label czar and legendary punk provocateur Jello Biafra. Featuring epic cover art by Minneapolis-based artist Bill Hauser, In The Age of Corporate Personhood, is the blue-collar hard core juggernaut that captures an intensity rarely grasped by studio albums.
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