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v499 - Arno Corps - "Welcome to the Gym!"

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Artist Name: Arno Corps
Album Title: Welcome to the Gym!
Virus #499
Alternative Tentacles Records is pumped to announce the release of “Welcome To The Gym”, featuring two brand new songs from ArnoCorps, the self-proclaimed Greatest Band of All Time and inventors of Action-Adventure Hardcore Rock ‘n’ Roll. The 7-inch vinyl and digital release solidifies the band’s recently expanded lineup! Founded to combat what they have deemed “cinematic Austroploitation”, including films featuring their fellow Austrian expat, Arnold Schwarzenegger. ArnoCorps claims that each film is actually unabashedly pilfered by Schwarzenegger from ancient Austrian folklore, then shamelessly bastardized by Hollywood moguls.
Having already restored integrity to timeless heroic lore such as “Terminator”, “Commando”, “Running Man”, and “Total Recall” with past releases, ArnoCorps turns back the clock to the Arnold of the 1970’s with their latest songs: “Scavenger Hunt” and “Dead Lift”. The transformative power and creativity of the group is truly showcased here as a campy comedy and embarrassing guest role on The Streets of San Francisco are ironically given new life as inspirational songs, one promoting the joy and benefits of physical fitness, the other an anti-bullying anthem for body positivity.
As with all of their releases, ArnoCorps successfully combines the best of both punk and metal influences that very few other bands have been able to. Adorned in trademark black combat uniforms and face paint, the band’s imposing onstage presence is contrasted with unparalleled inclusivity and crowd participation at their live “action adventure audio assaults”. Their new 8-musician lineup includes 3 guitarists and 3 bassists to achieve what ArnoCorps calls “heroic supersymmetry” and this release showcases this sound to perfection.