The Derek Chauvin Verdict by Jello Biafra




All three charges - GUILTY!!!!

But I’m still not feeling anything like joy at all. 

Just sad. Fighting tears as I say his name. And so many other names..

If there were real 100%  justice here, George Floyd would still be alive!! 

And Daunte Wright, and Michael Brown, and Trayvon Martin, and Oscar Grant, and beautiful Breonna..and....and...

Get ready to hear more about Pamela Turner. This one’s really bad. 

Shit, they’re all really bad..

So it’s good to savor the moment today. Two pincers and five tentacles up to the prosecutors, nipping the usual cop defense of ‘just following orders, this is how I was trained, blah blah kill kill..’ in the bud right from the git go. That jury verdict came back really quick. 

And above all to Darnella Frazier, who risked her own life - and those cops’ attacking her on the spot - to video the evidence on her phone that convicted Chauvin. 

But we shouldn’t count our chickens yet, folks. This still has to survive a gauntlet of Trumpzi and McConnell’s judges on appeal! Whadya wanna bet Kavanaugh, Barrett, Alito and especially Clarence Thomas are just salivating right now; licking their chops at the chance to rewrite the law so that cops can’t be prosecuted at all! 

Free Navalny!!

Free Mumia!!! 

We have a long way to go..